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This website contains links to information reviewed by local health professionals.

The trusted health information on this site is likely to be helpful for patients with diagnosed conditions.

Hamilton Doctors

Hamilton Doctors aim to provide high quality general practice medical care to the local community. We really are 'local'. Our surgery in various configurations and locations in Hamilton has been providing high quality health care to local families for more than 40 years!

Our experienced team of Doctors and Nurses  work together to bring you and your family all the best of traditional general practice supported by contemporary care and technologies.

We manage all aspects of gp care including the usual childhood immunisations, travel medicine, mens and womens health checkups, insurance and preemployment medicals, workcover issues and paediatrics (care for our kids) and geriatrics (care for our elderly), minor surgical procedures, skin checks and mental health assessment and management.

More specifically:

Childhood Immunisations
If you need to organise a routine childhood immunisation let the staff know how old your child is and ask to  book an 'immunisation' appointment with our nurses who will provide this in consultation with your doctor. Don’t forget the government funded immunisations are age specific ie at 6 weeks of age, 4 months, 12 months, 18 months then finally at 4 years of age.

Ask our team about other non funded but recommended vaccines that you may wish to consider as these change from time to time.

'Priority Patient' Clinics
If you have a chronic disease like diabetes, asthma, chronic lung problems such as emphysema or heart failure we offer special bulk billed nurse led clinics with carefully designed step up care packages tailored to your needs to help you optimise your self care and our assistance with managing these often complex issues.

Paediatric Care
We are able to care for the children in our practice from their first GP checkup as a newborn baby to adolescence and beyond. Each of our doctors is experienced in managing both acute and chronic childhood problems and we are keen to assist you and your family to negotiate these often stressful times.

Adolescent Care
Many varied and interesting often unexpected issues  pop up at this time for our children and families. If it is just some advice you are needing or if you or your adolescent is needing assistance with a particular medical problem our door is always open.

Mens Health
We provide mens checks regularly and proactively and encourage a preventive care approach. If we see you for another issue we can help inform you of the appropriate things recommended for your best care in each age group. Some conditions have no symptoms and are easily picked up during routine visit to the GP for example high blood pressure. Are you overdue for a checkup?

Womens Health
Our staff are well versed in managing womens health encompassing contraception, pre conception planning and fertility issues, pap smears and breast and skin checks and all other general care. Let our friendly staff know that you want to book in for a 'well womans checkup' if you are overdue so that we can allocate enough time to be thorough.

Travel Medicine Clinic
Are you heading off overseas or on a trip to somewhere remote? We can help you prepare appropriately by recommending and providing the appropriate disease prevention advice and immunisations, suggesting good travel websites to check out and provide you with the appropriate documentation to accompany you containing both medication and your past medical summary list in case you need it. Book a 'travel appointment' at reception with one of our GPs preferably 3 months before your trip to allow enough time to get you up to date with everything. Stay safe and enjoy your trip!

Point of Care Testing
Onsite we provide ecg, spirometry, blood sugar, blood pressure and INR (warfarin level testing) checks.

There are many occasions when we are required to have a medical examination completed. We do a whole range of these including preemployment medicals (do you have a company looking for a team to assist with this?), insurance and RTA medicals. Please call us, tell us what you are needing to have completed, book in and then we can help you to get it done. We are accredited for RailCorp Health Assessments 1,2 and 3.

Often as we age our medical needs escalate, increase in complexity and our situation alters. We are well placed to identify issues as they arise and assist you to manage them as needed. We offer bulk billed nurse home visit annual checkups to everyone over 75 if you live within reach of our surgeries.

Minor Surgical Procedures
Some of our staff have additional experience in managing minor surgical procedures. Please discuss your needs with your gp to see if things can be managed 'in house' by us for you.

Implanon insertion/Mirena/IUD insertion
Some of our GP’S are able to insert Implanon or an IUD if that is your preferred method and you are medically appropriate. Please discuss this with your GP and when booking your appointment to ensure you are allocated an appropriate appointment time with the correct doctor. 

Mental Health Assessment and Plans
Good mental health is vital and mental health issues are common. Regardless of your age we can support you with a vast range of issues from anxiety to depression, schizophrenia, grief and post traumatic stress. If appropriate we are able to provide you with a 'mental health care plan' to help pay for psychology sessions or to direct and support you to access other more specific mental health service referrals including psychiatry.

Skin Clinic
We run 'Skin Check' clinics. Seeing us for your skin check means that your records and results are all in house if we need to refer back to them later. Some of our GPs are upskilled to manage more complex skin issues than previously to avoid often costly and unnecessary referral to specialist services. Book in today if you are due!

STD Checks
If you feel you may have been exposed to an STD or just want to discuss preventative strategies we can help you by assessing your situation and supporting you with ongoing management and care.

Iron Infusions
Hamilton Doctors perform Ferinject iron infusions. If appropriate we are able to give you an iron infusion. This appointment will take approximately 45 minutes and 15 minutes after the procedure.

Health Assessments:

There are several government funded programs in general practice aimed at optimising health care by early detection of risk factors for illnesses and disease. We offer them all to you as below:

45-49 Year Old Health Assessment
Even if your health has been great up until this time there are some things worth noting that can alter your future health. This nurse led check may help identify some of the routine health checks that you have missed out on, asymptomatic conditions that may alter your risk of stroke or heart attack like family history or high blood pressure or cholesterol. Please help us to be proactive with you and book in for a 45-49 year old health check if you haven’t had one yet or mention it to your GP at your next visit.

Over 75 Year Old Health Assessment
We know that good support at home both structurally (ie bathroom safety equipment/bed poles and stair lifts etc) and socially (assistance with activities of daily living like showering, shopping and cleaning) can help maintain people living independently in their own homes for longer if that is their wish. This annual check can find and attempt to reduce these risk factors for failing independence and autonomy associated with ageing. It is thorough and helps us to identify any outstanding medical issues that we haven’t already addressed.

Aboriginal Health Assessment
These assessments are available to anyone identifying as aboriginal or Torres Strait islander - so please let us know if you are eligible and you’d like to book in with our Nurses.

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