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Hamilton Doctors - Travel Medicine Services

Hamilton Doctors – Your one stop travel medicine service!

Are you planning an overseas holiday or business trip?
It is important for you to take some precautions to ensure you stay well and enjoy your holiday or perform your best on your business trip.

Hamilton Doctors is a Yellow Fever vaccination clinic and
utilises the current world disease outbreak data when
providing you with advice.

Our tips for you:

  • Visit Hamilton Doctors preferably 6-8 weeks before departure and bring your itinerary with you.

  • Hamilton Doctors stocks a full range of travel vaccines for your convenience.

  • Photocopy your vaccination record book and passport and leave a copy at home.

  • Have a medical and dental check-up before departure.

  • Insurance is essential. If you cannot afford travel insurance, you cannot afford to travel overseas.

  • Avoid mosquitoes and other biting insects – use Bushman’s or Rid repellent.

  • Regularly apply Bushman’s repellent which contains 40% DEET.

  • Apply sunscreen regularly or purchase Bushmans repellent with sunscreen.

  • Safe eating means Boil it, Cook it, Peel it or Forget it.

  • Wash hands before eating.

  • Practice Safe sex - always use a condom.

  • Respect motor vehicles, observe speed limits, wear seat belts/helmets, and avoid night driving.

  • Be careful with animals and clarify need for immediate rabies vaccine if bitten by an animal that may carry rabies.

  • Keep your shoes on when outside.

  • Seek medical advice immediately if you develop a fever.

  • Have a checkup on your return if you have been sick while away.

  • Respect local customs.

Be informed, protected and enjoy your holiday!

For more information please visit these websites:
Smartraveller is provided by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
World Health Organisation is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 20 May 2020 13:07)